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Welcome to the Byroc Home Page

BYROC (Be YouR Own Composer) was written by David Beard, and was still under development at  the time of his death. With the good best wishes of his widow Jenny, it has been updated and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Please be aware that BYROC currently does not work on some 64-bit operating systems.

Whilst David sold this to fund his development, it is not the wish of his widow to continue to sell the software. However she would like anyone who downloads an update, or a new copy, make an appropriate donation to a Bell Restoration Fund. Therefore, to access the software a login is required, which is being managed by Derek Sibson, who can be contacted on this email address. If you wish  to download this software please contact Derek, telling him which BRF you will make a donation to (£25 for new purchases, £20 for upgrades) and he will let you have a login to access the data. Jenny will be kept informed of the Bell Repair Funds that have benefited from the donations.

Summary of Changes

Thank you for your interest in Byroc.

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